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Dating the cutest person in the world

Profile pic: pixel art of a smiling Pikachu on trans flag background with enby hearts by

Header: GIF of a green alien with five eyes and a grin (the lisp alien) holding a flag with "Drew" written on it. The flag is waving and the backgroung is non-binary flag colours.
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so on my blog, I’m using a theme which uses the font-awesome icon fonts. I’ve forked the theme, and added lots of aria stuff to those so it shows up in eww or any text-based browser but no dice. Any help? Here’s the generated code, will try to format well.

 \<a class="sc-github" aria-label="link to github"
       href="(removed link)">
      \<i role="presentation"
         aria-label="github logo"
         class="fa-brands fa-github">

Check out the sidebar here for what I’m talking about:

#a11y #web

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