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So I thought that we might change our internal scripts to use long-form flags (like –delete instead of -d) so that the code would be easier for a non unix mage to understand and modify in case of errors.

Hopped on a call with my PM and team lead about it for the go-ahead and the conclusion was: the name of the command itself will not be self documenting, and if someone doesn’t know what tar is, they wouldn’t understand what the flags after it would do anyway, and if they do know what tar is, they just treat xvf or gzf as the dialect of the command, not thinking about it any deeper than “this is the magic phrase that does what I want”

I don’t agree with this because tar –extract –file archive.tar.gz is pretty fuckin self explanatory, but I gave up the ghost because I see where they’re coming from and the average enterprise programmer might not have enough cognition left after a long hard day of dealing with enterprise java to realise that it’s the same as tar xf.

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