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Hello software dev side of Fedi, my ex-coworker at, Yogesh Kumar is looking for a job currently. He’s been stuck in sort of a paradoxical situation: he’s really good at competitive programming and so got hired at the absolute first company that came knocking to his uni, because of which he could not attend the hiring drives of any other orgs. He spent a fruitful six months at Infoworks in QA and contributed a lot. He’s a super-fast learner and knew his way around our processes in no time.

Due to monetary pressures, he had to be let go at the end of his internship.

The issue is that companies in India only wish to hire folks with experience because they hire new graduates directly from unis. It was simply his rotten luck that he happened to be offloaded from his first ever job, otherwise I’m certain
he would’ve been hired already by any company willing to give him a chance.

Here’s his Linkedin, you can reach out to either him or me: He’s solved over 1400 Leetcode questions, which is frankly insane.

#getfedihired #jobs #softwaredevelopment

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